What is DREAMs

1.Introduction #

DREAM Software is a complete point-of-care, Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) designed to manage, through a criterion of excellence, the centers for prevention and treatment of AIDS of the DREAM Program of the Community of Sant’Egidio, located in 10 African countries. The long experience in the field (since 2002) and the continuous investment in developing the software has allowed DREAMs to become a versatile tool for handling many patients and various chronic pathologies. Therefore it is not linked only to the HIV virus anymore, in view of the evolution of the DREAM Program in a global health program.


1.1.DREAMs, born on the road #

DREAM Software was developed in the field, structured around the actual necessities of the patients and of the organization of the treatment centers. It grew thanks to the contribution of thousands of specialists and operators who collaborated with their advice in improving the existing features and suggesting new ones.

general appointments

1.2.DREAMs, a person-centered software #

Before becoming a planning model, DREAM Software tried to be a helpful and productive software, able to considerably improve the quality of assistance and overcome the daily challenges posed by management, and at the same time prioritizing the needs of a person, be it a patient or health worker.

clinical dashboard

1.3.DREAMs, easier, better and faster #

Powerful tools are available through a simple and intuitive interface. DREAMs allows the healthcare personnel to quickly make the right decisions for each patient and supervise the adherence and effectiveness of the treatment. The control and management tools help coordinators optimize the handling of the treatment centers, allowing them to efficiently book appointments and have at their disposal various tools for supervising, verifying and reporting.

sample prescriptions

1.4.DREAMs is a paperless system #

DREAM Software has allowed to eliminate or drastically reduce the use of paper in handling patients. This benefits the environment and decreases management costs.


1.5.DREAMs is free and open #

We initially created DREAM Software to aid our treatment Program, but today we are convinced that our software is sufficiently ready and versatile to be helpful to many others. It is for this reason that, even though we are already glad to collaborate with whoever is interested in using and developing the software, we are working on it in order to shortly make it Open-source, available to all those who wish to help us make it even better.

1.6.DREAMs, Modern and open Architecture #

Over the past few years DREAMs has been completely revisited and written in C#.NET. Today it is able to run on various operating systems and is compatible with various databases thanks to the use of ORM programming with .NET Entity Framework. Even though the program has been used until today mostly on Windows operating systems running an MS SQL Server database, the new architecture allows the software to run also on Linux systems with different types of database systems, such as MySQL.


1.7.DREAMs: a flexible data model #

We are about to release a new type of database that allows to expand and personalize the stored information without having to change its structure, with its variables being stored inside a dictionary which describes in a comprehensive manner the data (metadata dictionary). This way it is possible not only to simplify the expansion and personalization of the stored data, but also allows for an improved operability between other data gathering, analysis and report systems.


1.8.Internationalization #

DREAMs is already available in English, French, Portuguese and Italian, but can also easily be translated into other languages.

1.8.1.Security #

DREAMs is equipped with authentication and different access protocols to data and to the different sections of the program.


1.8.2.Patient workflows #

DREAMs allows to register a virtually infinite number of medical conditions of every patient so as to track over time the various stages such as the start and completion of certain programs, therapies or epidemiological studies.

arv therapy details

1.8.3.Reducing data entry, gaining time, reducing mistakes #

DREAMs can exchange test requests and results with the DREAMlab software for managing the medical laboratories, for the automatic registration of the results and also without making any mistakes, saving paper and time needed for manual registration of the results. The electronic medical chart can be safely transferred and encrypted from one center to another without the need to register the data again in the new center.

blood test

1.8.4.Standards #

DREAMs uses the ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases) for the symptoms and diagnosis and the WHO guidelines for evaluation and anthropometric monitoring.

1.8.5.Adherence to treatment #

DREAMs is provided with various tools for monitoring the adherence to therapy and appointments, and highlighting patients who require particular attention and tracking of their situation in order to make sure they adhere to the treatment.

dispensing drugs

1.8.6.Management and Reports #

DREAMs is provided with an easy-to-use section for the analysis of data in order to underline health and adherence problems of the patients or management of the health center. In the periodic reporting section it is also possible to create useful personalized reports used to fill in the monthly data-collection forms, or export them in electronic format.

evidenze report

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