Configuring the server

1.Missed appointment control #

With DREAMCen we use a little utility we can schedule to run every day, to check missed appointments.

2016-06-22_missed_appointmentsUnzip the file in a folder like c:\missedapps\ and set the correct server ip address and database code in the Option.xml file (open the file with notepad (!) and change the ip with your server ip (or better use if the task run on the same server of the dataase)  and the database name (DREAMPRG_ZZ) with your Database name)

The Option file MUST be in the same folder of the CemMissedApps executable

Finally create a Windows Scheduled task that run the CenMissedApps.exe software each day.

Test it

2.Flow Chart #

Download the right version and language  (for example Malawi centers have to download the _Malawi version)
– for English
– for Malawi
– for French
– for Camerun and Guinea Conakry
– for Portuguese
– And so on …

Identify your SYS_PATH_DOC folder in configuration. If not configured is the right time to do it !

  1. Be sure the SYS_PATH_FOLDER is a network folder (like:  \\yourservername\dream_srv \DOC\  ) and NOT a local folder (like: c:\dream_srv\DOC) or your clients cannot access the flowcharts and attachments. Be sure all the user can read and open files are in this shared folder from their PC.
  2. UNZIP the file FC_XXXX_XX….. in the SYS_PATH_DOC  folder (  \\yourservername\dream_srv \DOC\   in the above sample) add or replace the “comuni” and “Flowchart” folders

3.Label Printer #

DREAM Software support Citizen and Zebra Label printer

follow the instructions to get both types of printer

Zebra Label Printer

We have tested DREAM Software with Zebra GC420d Label printer.

You have to configure DREAMCEN software to use ZEBRA label printer in Configuration :





Setting the labels roller is simply: you have to follow the istructions in the back of the top: 

USE ONLY 30 mm hight x 70 mm lenght labels both for drugs prescription and samples

If the printed is not center you can adjust the printer position from the driver settings


Citizen Label Printer


Control panel

Positioning the label roll

After placing the labels roll you must press the FEED button once on the control panel to correctly position the labels before starting to print.

Positioning sensors

This is necessary to make initial installation and whenever you change the format of the labels.

Should not be necessary at other times.

Acting on the blue lever to lift the print head

Position the cursor (indicated in yellow circle) in the center label

Lower driving black as shown to align photocell

To match the white arrow with the white ball dot of the photocell.

Then raise the guide, place the labels and close everything.

Remember to press FEED before using the printer

4.Configuring FTP Server for auto-update #



In this section we will explain how to install and configure a local FTP server to facilitate the DREAM software update on all PCs.

The dream software will first try to update itself by looking for updates in the shared folder on the server, but if this is not reachable, it will try to update itself by trying to contact a local or, ultimately, remote FTP server.

For recent operating systems we recommend Wing FTP Server.

For Windows Server 2003 operating System we recommend Xlight FTP Server or FileZilla Server version 0.9.41 (not greater then 0.9.42 beta !)

The following sections describe how to install and configure these products.


5.Installing Wing FTP Server #

Download the setup from:

Do not install if the operating system is Windows Server 2003 on the server. Consider using other software.

Execute WingFtpServer.exe

Close the admin panel and try that everything works by trying to connect from another pc to the server with an FTP program like FileZilla, using the username you just created. You should be able to access the directory indicated and read its contents without there being any error messages.

6.Installing Xlight FTP Server #

If on your server the operating system is Windows Server 2003 you can use Xlight FTP Server.

Download from here :

(Setup with installer 32 or 64 depending on the operating system used)



7.Installing FileZilla Server #

Please download FileZilla from :

If you want to install on Windows Server 2003 please download the old version 0.9.41 from our FTP server in the utility folder.

Complete the setup with the default options. Start the server and connect to it. Complete the configuration as indicated below by setting the passive ports.


Note that with FileZilla you have to manually open the firewall FTP ports for TCP 21 and a range of ports for PASSIVE FTP.

Note: To create a range of passive ports from 55536 to 55663 on windows server 2003 you can use this script (instead of adding one port at a time by hand (windows 2003 does not allow the creation of a range of ports on the firewall …):

FOR /L %I IN (55536,1,55663) DO netsh firewall add portopening TCP %I “Passive FTP “%I


Create the user dreamuser

Set the password (dream amministratore’s password)

Set the HOME directory and create the virtaul folder /DREAM_CEN and /DREAM_LAB pointing to the c:\dreamupdate\updates\  folder



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