Labl Printer Setup

1.Label Printer Setup #

DREAM Software support Citizen and Zebra Label printer

follow the instructions to get both types of printer

Zebra Label Printer

We have tested DREAM Software with Zebra GC420d Label printer. You have to configure DREAMCEN software to use ZEBRA label printer in Configuration : Setting the labels roller is simply: you have to follow the istructions in the back of the top: 

USE ONLY 30 mm hight x 70 mm lenght labels both for drugs prescription and samples

If the printed is not center you can adjust the printer position from the driver settings

Citizen Label Printer

Maintenance Control panel Positioning the label roll After placing the labels roll you must press the FEED button once on the control panel to correctly position the labels before starting to print. Positioning sensors This is necessary to make initial installation and whenever you change the format of the labels. Should not be necessary at other times. Acting on the blue lever to lift the print head Position the cursor (indicated in yellow circle) in the center label Lower driving black as shown to align photocell To match the white arrow with the white ball dot of the photocell. Then raise the guide, place the labels and close everything. Remember to press FEED before using the printer
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