Backup con SqlServerBooster

1.How to configure SQLServerbooster #

SqlServerBooster is very useful because it allows easily to create a backup of sql server, to copy it also on one or more remote folders and to delete the oldest backups from all the destinations.

but many have noticed that copying to remote folders works only when you start the task by hand while producing an authentication error (yellow dot) when the task runs automatically at the preset time

to remedy this problem you can configure sqlserverbooster to run commands before and after the backup

For example the following configuration is to create TWO copies of the backup: the first on and the second on (example in Conakry)


To give permission to write to the destination you need to create these command lines in one of the following screens

in the BEFORE window:

net use /user:backupsql \\\BK_Conackry\DIXINN pwddream 
net use /user:backupsql \\\mssqlfile_bkps3 cona06 pwddream 

in the AFTER window

net use /delete \\\BK_Conackry
net use /delete \\\mssqlfile_bkps3

ATTENTION: on the destination server (in the example and you have to create a user with login name: backupsql and password pwddream



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